I’m chaotic & that’s okay. 🔥

I know that I’m different and I know that Jesus loves me through it all – and my husband tolerates me through it all. 🤪❤️

I get distracted almost always before finishing a task I began, ten tasks ago.

Inappropriate memes and jokes make me laugh harder than they should. Oops.

I love my dogs more than 99% of the human population and sometimes they hold a tight race to the kids.

I rewash my laundry more often than not.

Also, I do not iron but I will straighten out a good wrinkle with my hair straightener if I’m in a pinch.

When I am annoyed I make sure everyone in my household knows it and I always call my mama to vent.

I love a good book/movie/tv show – when I can actually make myself sit – and I am that person that pauses to tell you all about it, during the middle of it. Annoying, I know. 🙃

I am unapologetically loud and I am rarely serious.

I am “handsy” when I talk and I have sound effects for all of my daily activities. My oldest has inherited this weirdness as well.

When I am serious though, you’ll know.

I laugh at myself more than anyone else in the room but I can also cry tears of pure anger.

It takes a lot to anger me but once I’m there, there is no turning back for quite a while and I am not afraid to let you know what exactly is on my mind.

I savvy myself on being pretty good at forgiveness and understanding but forgiving doesn’t mean I’ll ever let you back in. A lot of times, that forgiveness is for my heart, not yours.

I am a simple girl that typically never wears makeup but best believe I love my hair extensions and fake nails.

Music is my kryptonite. All types of music. When I’m moody I’ll blare some Eminem and when I’m feeling lovey me and Thomas Rhett are best buds… but most days when the kids are at school I’m rapping to some Cardi B and proud of it. 🤘🏻

I like food. I like to go out to eat. I despise cooking and I will totally pout about being nice and eating something I don’t like at a family gathering. My husband gets to hear all about food I don’t enjoy.

I am sporadic. Routine stresses me more than a free for all.

Stars make me tear up with joy but I still run like a baby in the dark.

I am drawn to misfit things. Misfit people. Misfit animals. Misfit tattoos. Misfit situations. I’ve found that some of the “scariest” humans and animals have the biggest of hearts and the best of life’s stories.

Passive aggressiveness makes me MAD. Say what you feel and be honest or don’t say it at all. I have so much more respect for debatable conversation verses passive judgment.

I love being a mama and a wife but I do not find most mom/wife duties to be enjoyable. I love my family of four and would rather spend every minute with them making a mess, eating fast food and playing outside… but then the house is a wreck and I get flustered and ridden with anxiety. Therefore, sometimes I have to play the role of housewife.

I pray about any and everything, all day, every day. Sometimes, I wonder if Jesus is like, “girl, chill. I got this.” • but I also let out a few cuss words every now and again.

I live to please and help others and I thrive off of others loving me • but try and change who I am & I will run 100 miles the other way.

I am thankful for all the love and support in my life but I prefer to be independent and it eats me up when I can’t handle everything on my own.

I am stubborn and I have a serious issue with authority/control. I absolutely do not do control. Ask my daddy. 💁🏻‍♀️

I can crack a joke at any moment and I will laugh at just about anything but I do have feelings. I portray this insensitive woman but I do hurt and I do allow certain things to pass through the surface of my skin.

I am more sexual than I am emotionally dependent. Don’t preach to me cheesy little words. Show me your inner feelings.

I don’t trust words. I am always paying attention to your actions.

I am anxious. About everything. I am a paranoid individual and a slight hypochondriac. I’ve made my husband go to the doctor more times than not just so I can feel safe that he isn’t going to die. He loves it.

I love you. The authentic you. Your race, your religion, whether you are straight, bisexual or gay, whether you love Jesus as much as me, whether you’re wild or calm, and so much more. I love realistic people that so kindly accept others for who they are without judgment. Those are my people.

I am not confrontational yet I’m never scared to get in your face.

I am loving and I am bitter too.

I preach self love and continue pick myself apart in a mirror. Having the perfect body doesn’t make you confident.

Stagnation and boredom will be the death of me. I love mystery, a challenge and being spontaneous.

I’m a spender who is learning to be a saver.

I’d rather live a life full of adventure and memories than be rich.

Speaking of spontaneous – it gives me anxiety but I’m gonna do it even if I cry.

I am always late. I am always a mess. I barely ever know what day it is but I remembered mine and the kids birthdates at the doctor last time we went – so that’s a win.

I am strong willed. I am weak to my fears. I am secure in demanding my respect but insecure in my flaws.

I have new ideas 💡 each day and I put my whole heart into each one. I am also bad about not following through the whole idea. I am a procrastinator at its best and bless my husband for always allowing me to try new things – even when they don’t last!

I say I won’t get my hopes up but I always do. I say I won’t be down when things don’t go as planned and sometimes I laugh it off… yet, sometimes I cry.

Anything slow irritates the heavens out of me. Slow computers, slow drivers, my daughter getting distracted on the way out the door. I have so much patience for other aspects of life but not slow.

I am passionate. I love hard. I trust hard. I respect hard. I appreciate hard. I fall hard. I fight hard. I leave hard. I move on hard.

I am chaotic and I am not for everyone. That’s okay. I believe in being authentically you and if you’re not authentically you, you can’t find your people.

Don’t dim your light for the approval of others.

Let your chaotic, flashy light shine all over and embrace your differences. After all, God never intended on us all living an identical life with the same paths to walk. He made us each in our own way.

It breaks my heart watching so many beautiful humans conform to what others expect them to be, just to receive love and acceptance. The right people will love the true you, all of you.

I refuse to be anything else in this world but me. I don’t sugarcoat the truth for my kids on who I am as their mother. They see the imperfect, flawed, realistic mama, 100% of the time.

Find the grace in your mess. Show yourself some grace when it comes to your imperfections. Be you.

I tell my daughters every day that I will always love them for EVERYTHING THAT THEY ARE AND CONTINUE TO GROW INTO. I may not always agree or understand but I will always accept them and love them without conditions.

I am too much for a lot of you… but I am enough for me and my little tribe & that’s okay. 🔥

We do chaos. 📸

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